Electronic-cards for Dr. Ing. Sommer®-plastic injection molding machines
repairings and spare parts

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A new developed electronic card LK-2.5 for Dr. Sommer plastic injection molding machines.
This card replaces the older types LK-2 / LK-2.1 / LK-2.2 / LK 2.4

  • Compatible replacement for LK-2, LK-2.1, LK-2.2, LK-2.4
  • Price: On request.
  • Repairs of timing cards ZK-1 and power supplies.
  • Prices: on request.

Photo (70k)

Der »Röhrentimer«: (time control with electronic tubes)

  • We offer: Repairings and spare parts for your time control unit.
  • A time control unit is available for borrowing during the repairing time.
  • Price: On a time and material basis.

Different »Elrest Elamatic®« parts in stock or available

Photo (66k)

LV-4A as a replacement for Elrest Elamatic GKLV-A/K

  • LV4A as replcement for GKLV amplifier unit.
  • Pin compatible to Elrest GKLV.
  • Price: On request.

Photo (21k)

Elrest Elamatic KBH-1

  • Original part
  • Available: KBH-1/V and KBH-5
  • Price: On request.

Photo (17k)

Elrest Elamatic KBH-2

  • Original part
  • Available: KBH-2/V and KBH-5
  • Price: On request.

Photo (23k)

Elrest Elamatic KBH-11

  • Original part
  • Available: KBH-5
  • Price: On request.

Photo (34k)

Elrest Elamatic NTB-1

  • Power supply/rectifier
  • New part with LED-indication
  • Price: On request.

Photo (34k)

Elrest Elamatic SB-1

  • Original part
  • only some parts in our stock
  • Price: On request.
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