For Frech® Statamat control: Further electronic test- and adapter boards and spare parts are available:

Bild (70k)

  • Display of all input and output levels by means of green LEDs.
  • Display of the load current levels by means of yellow LEDs.
  • Troubleshooting becomes much easier and faster.
  • Increased productivity through shorter repair times.
  • Use with the plug-in boards EP, FP, NP and ZP.
  • Rear side of the display board (85k)
  • (Frech part number: 8.829.042)
  • Application together with adapter plug-in card AP-2 (Frech part number: 8.829.039)

Bild (22k)

  • Saves the expensive conversion to new controls.
  • 2 years warranty on the test and adapter cards.
  • AP-1 Price: € (Euro) 165,- plus VAT.
  • AP-2 Price: € (Euro) 155,- plus VAT.
  • Paket price: € (Euro) 315,- plus VAT.

Also in our stock:

All electronic boards for the Statamat control: AZP, DIP, DVP, DZP, EP, FP, NP, VZP, ZP, SP-102

größeres Bild (36k)

Digital time control card DZS »DigitaleZeitSteuerung«

größeres Bild (38k)

board for pre-selection switches STV »SteckerVorwahlschalter«

  • Compatible with STV-1 (Frech part number: 8.829.067)
  • board for switches (Start 2. Phase or Spraying counter) inclusive 3 pcs. pre-selection switches
  • Price: On request.

Bild (36k)

Voltage controller SPW »Spannungswächter« (U125).

  • New type, full compatible with the old type. (Frech part number: 8.831.020 and 76133)
  • NEW: LED-display for »connection 15 Volt« and »fault«: Fast error locationing.
  • Very important for the operational safety of the machine: Automatically switches off the control unit at low voltages.
  • New equipment, repairs and spare parts (relays) available.
  • Supplied complete with bracket and connection diagram.
  • Price: On request.

Photo (22k)

Digital potentiometers (replacement of rotary potentiometers) offer the following advantages:

  • Replacement of the rotary potentiometer for time settings. Steps 0.1 seconds.
  • Easiest operation. Adjustable from 0.1 to 9.9 seconds. (0 to 500kOhm)
  • Repeatable when setting up: exact numerical value instead of inaccurate potentiometer position.
  • Reliability: 100%. German brand »Hartmann« with gold-plated contacts and precision resistors. Accuracy: 1%.
  • Delivery as a complete, ready-to-install set including brackets and connecting cables.
    Simple installation instead of the potentiometer in the scoreboard.
  • Price: On request.

Photo (22k)

Board SP-102 »SteuerungsPlatine«

  • Our service:
  • Checking and repairing the plug-in card SP-102
  • Relays RSL-201 for this electronic card available from our stock

Schusszäler Schusszäler

  • Shot counter, original version for cheeky control cabinet.
  • Available with and without mounting frame. Mounting frame available individually.

Dold Erschlusswaechter Dold Erschlusswaechter
Bild (22k)

  • Earth fault monitor Dold Varimeter.
  • Connection to 220/230 Volt ac and to 24 Volt dc of the machine control.
  • Switches off the machine safely in the event of an earth fault.
  • Type Dold AI898, RE = 6kOhm.
  • New or used/tested modules available immediately from our stock.

Das Resultat:

  • Saves the expensive conversion to new controls.
  • 2 year warranty on new cards: The costs are transparent.
  • Increased reliability of the machines.
  • Increased productivity through shorter downtime.
  • Spare parts supply is guaranteed for years to come.
  • These plug-in cards make the proven Frech® die casting machines reliable and economical like never before.
  • Our service: We are happy to check and repair your electronic cards and assemblies.
  • You repair yourself? All items available from stock.
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